Kitten & Hummingbirds Android Live Wallpaper

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Somewhere far away there is a magic garden. Where the sun is always shining, the trees around are forever green and grow beautiful flowers. There’s a clear blue sky with beautiful flying hummingbirds. And here is the playing funny cat, it climbed into the birdcage. It’s still a very small kitten, who oversees the birds flying past.
All of this can be seen in the dynamic Animated Live wallpaper for Android ¬ęKitten and hummingbirds.” Our wallpapers are specially designed for your smart phone and tablet every day to please the eye and lift the spirits. Bright colors create a unique atmosphere of fairy tale childhood, and a lot of settings and effects will help you tailor your wallpaper is just a taste.

Key features, settings and effects:
– Open settings on double-tap
– Reaction on touch: Gravity (magnet), or anti-gravity
– Configurable horizontal scrolling (for latest samsung devices, such as Samsung galaxy SIII, SIV, Note II, use On Touch mode)
– Flying hummingbirds, settings: amount, speed and size of the birds
– Animated soap bubbles, settings: speed, amount and size of bubbles, the ability to burst the bubbles with touch (with the effect of the “explosion”, with or without sound)
– Animated falling green leaves, adjust the density, velocity of leaf fall
– Animated flying fireflies (glowworms) seven different colors to choose from
– Twinkling lights effect