Moon Night Live Wallpaper for Android phones and tablets

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What could be more beautiful than the night sky? Starry sky, streaking comets, slowly floating clouds and, of course, a huge moon. Sweeps across the sky spectacular meteor rain, casting mysterious shadows on the ground. Now you can look up at the sky, find a shooting star, close your eyes and make your wish 🙂 Animated Live Wallpaper for Android « Moonlit Night ” will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the stargazing at any time of the day. Hight quality hand-drawn HD picture will be a true decoration for your Android smartphone or tablet. A lot of settings and effects will help to make your device look unique. Enjoy a night full of magic and mysticism.

Key features, settings and effects:
– Animated clouds, setting: number, speed and size
– The dynamic leaf fall, settings: intensity, speed of falling leaves and their size
– Meteor rain, adjustable intensity, speed and size of the shooting stars
– Fireflies (glowworms), settings: number, size and color (7 colors)
– Flickering lights, settings: number, size and color (7 to choose from)
– Sparks, adjustable size, quantity and color (8 colors )
– Opening the settings on double-tap
– Reaction on Touch: Gravity (magnet ), or anti-gravity

How to set Moonlight Night Live Wallpaper on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Moonlit Night Live Wallpaper

– Smooth OpenGL ES animations
– Low battery use
– All screen sizes support
– HD tablets / phones support
– Landscape / portrait screen mode support

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