Sleepy Panda Live Wallpaper

Download for free on Google Play:

Panda – a very rare animal living in the mountainous regions of China. This bamboo bear most of the time is chewing or sleeping. Now you can settle this cute pet on your smartphone or tablet. Funny bear will wake up by every touch the screen and move his cute ears and paws. And the falling leaves and soap bubbles flying around, will create a magical atmosphere. Interactive dynamic animated live wallpaper “Panda” will lift your mood and cause lots of smiles at you and your friends. Lots of effects and settings can help make your phone look unique.

Key features, settings and effects:
– 10 backgrounds to choose from
– sweet animated panda cub
– 20 kinds of animated bubbles, adjust number, size, speed
– you can pop the bubbles on touch of a finger
– animated flickering lights, fireflies and glowworms, adjust color, number and size
– open settings on double tap
– configurable horizontal scrolling (for latest samsung devices, such as Samsung galaxy SIII, SIV, Note II, use On Touch mode)
– reaction on touch: gravity (magnet) or antigravity- Smooth OpenGL ES animations
– Smooth OpenGL ES animations
– Low battery use

How to set cute Animated Panda Live Wallpaper on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Sleepy Panda Live Wallpaper

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